Hello Gorgeous!

Do you ever wonder, "who am I anymore?"

Are you ready to uncover the woman you long to be, extract your deepest desires and turn them all into reality?


Hey girl!

Welcome!  I'm Clarissa Mance, a life empowerment coach who helps overwhelmed women wondering "Who am I anymore?" rediscover who she's designed to be by breaking through the fears holding her back, so she can create her life on purpose and with impact.

I help women just like you uncover the woman you are outside of your roles, gain the confidence to create a life on your terms, and learn how to prioritize yourself even in the midst of a busy life.  I help you take back control of your time, energy and emotions so you can say goodbye to resentment, overwhelm and burnout and hello to the thriving, confident, fiercely feminine woman inside you.

I am a PNW born and raised girl, a wife and mom of 3.  I am fueled by Jesus, books, high heels, coffee by morning and wine (or Gin and Tonics) by night.

Come join the conversation over on Instagram @ClarissaMance and please signup below (or above) for weekly(ish) doses of love, encouragement and all things feminine.

Until next time, sending all the love!



" ...I cannot stress how life-changing a course with Clarissa will be. She is not only kind, loving and supportive, but she is absolutely inspiring, helpful, and will totally and completely change your life for the better. Do not hesitate to contact her. I'm telling you, best decision ever. "

-Jennifer Barlow • IG @MomGlam

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