Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been struggling to find the balance in life without feeling guilty (Mom guilt is a real thing!)

  • You’re always fighting to make sure your identity as a woman and motherhood isn't the same thing.

  • You struggle to find any time for yourself and do the things you want to do.

  • You wonder what are your OWN interests? What would you do if you could go out for the afternoon and it WASN'T a play date!?

  • You pour so much of yourself into growing your children you forget about yourself.

  • You’re a mom 99% oh the time and you 1%, and when you finally take 5 mins for yourself you feel guilty

  • You feel completely lost like you are only a mom/wife and not your own person

  • You know the woman you are outside of motherhood, you just need to connect with her.

  • You feel lost or stuck and are looking to rediscover who you are (or simply feel more fabulous than you already do)


What if you could?

  • Focus on what you love to do not what everyone else wants you to do.

  • Save time from doing none important stuff like chores and find time to enjoy “me time”

  • Find a happy balance between all your roles and responsibilities

  • Know what you love and who you want to be outside of motherhood

  • Quit feeling like there’s never enough time to focus on your interests

  • Learn how to be true to yourself

  • Find joy in motherhood without feeling like it’s your identity

  • Simply feel fabulous


Introducing 1:1 coaching

A 4-week one-on-one coaching program where you’ll begin to gain confidence, uncover your purpose and pursue your passions while creating an intentional life you love….without the guilt!

During the program, you’ll receive

  • 1 - 90-minute intro call

  • 3 - 45-minute calls

  • A personal Trello board with recordings of all calls, any notes, resources or action items listed

  • Unlimited Voxer access to me during office hours




"My biggest take away from having Clarissa as my life coach? RESULTS. Actual PROOF that SHE works...I essentially found purpose and passion through working with her. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, which were different than I thought (I thought I knew everything about myself and she was able to bring about new perspectives about myself that I would've never seen without her- that completely rocked my world)...I finally feel like I am the girl I've always wanted to be and so much of that is owed to Clarissa."

Jennifer Barlow | JennifersGlamDen.com | IG @momglam


Get the life you desire today!

Limited spots available


This is not for you if...

  • You feel confident with who you are and know where you're going in life.

  • You don't want to do take the time and/or make a financial investment in bettering yourself and your life

  • You want to keep reading books, listening to podcasts, and figuring things out on your own


This is for you if...

  • You're ready to stop half-assing your self-improvement and want to be held accountable.

  • You want to create a life where you thrive

  • You're ready to find direction, passion, and purpose.

  • You want to stop the self-doubt and actually begin to follow through.

  • You're ready to properly execute self-care for maximum self-healing results

  • You're ready to finally feel like the girl you've always wanted to be

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Hi mama!

My name is Clarissa Mance and I'm a life coach for overwhelmed moms who are longing to reconnect with who they are outside of motherhood and create an intentional life they love.

I'm a mom to 3 crazy, wonderful kids, and we're living our best life in the PNW.  I think every day is worth celebrating so most nights you'll find me sipping a glass of wine or a delicious cocktail. 

I believe falling in love with yourself is the first step to creating the life of your dreams.  I think laughter is the best medicine for the soul and that we take ourselves (and our lives) too seriously.  I'm always pursuing a dream or goal, and know that hard work and consistency always pays off. 



Q - I barely find time to brush my teeth before bed, how do I find time for one more commitment?

A - Motherhood is no joke, there is always something to be done and never enough time to do it all.  However, just because we're always busy doesn't mean we're spending our time on the right stuff.  I'll help you make sure you're spending your time where it matters most without the guilt.

Q - I feel guilty anytime I spend money on myself, I just don't know if I can invest this much money on something that is just for me.

A - I get it.  Here's some semi-harsh truth, where your money goes shows what you value.  Do you like what you see?  Mama, you can't give from an empty tank, it's time to move up on your value ladder.

Q - Why did you create this service?

A - Because every mom has the opportunity to live a crazy, glorious and beautiful life full of passion and purpose, and I want to help them take it.  I'm tired of and saddened by seeing moms completely lost in motherhood, succumbing to the false-beliefs they have about life.

Q - Is there a refund if I don't get any results?

A - No, there are no refunds.  The reason for that is because results will happen only if you do the work.  I can't make you change your life, I can only give you the tools.  Results are up to you.


I'm so glad you asked!

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