Day 2 - start dreaming


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Today we are going to talk about dreams.  I'm hopeful that as you've been reconnecting with who you are and what you love, you're feeling a bit excited.  I want to give you permission to take that excitement and turn it into dreams.  Start dreaming again.

I don't know if you've ever created a vision board before, but I know when I have I just watch those vision pass me on by.  They never become reality.  

Today I want to talk about how to create beautiful and attainable dreams, inspired by the love and excitement you're feeling after yesterdays work.

THE Three tips to creating dreams that become reality - (0:59)

I want to share the 3 specific tips I've used that takes the concept of a vision board and turn it into (what I call) a dream board, but actually become reality!

Tip #1 - Be selfish.  Be materialistic. 

I know you may be thinking, "Wait, what?  Be selfish? I'm a mom, I'm always thinking about other people!"  And that's the point.

For example, when I'm dreaming about where I want my business to go I'll think things like, "I really want to put my kids in private school".  That's a great dream and all, but it's not going to excite me enough to jump out of bed at 4am and hit the ground running! :)  But a pair of Jimmy Choos? Now that lights me up and will get me out of bed.

I'm not saying it has to be a pair of shoes for you, but whatever it is, it has to excite you!

Tip #2 - Make it real and be specific. 

What I don't want is for you to go grab a pile of magazines, or scroll through Instagram or Pinterest ( might use Pinterest a little bit) just to find any pretty picture that inspires you.  What I want you to find are images that are so real and specific you can smell it, taste it, feel it, see it.  

For example, on my current dream board I have a business goal, and if I hit it by the end of this year my girlfriend and I are going to go on a kid-free girls trip to NYC next fall.  I could've just found pretty pictures of New York, there are some amazing and inspiring ones out there, but instead, we went to and we found an apartment we would love to stay in and was available when we're hoping to go.  Then we looked up what Central Park looks like in October, and what Broadway plays are currently playing.  These were very real and specific images.

Of course, when the times comes for us to book the play may not still be playing and the apartment may be booked, but that's okay.  The point is -  we didn't just choose lofty, beautiful images of New York instead we chose images of places we could really stay, and restaurants we want to eat at and plays we may be able to see. 

Whatever your dreams are, I want you to find very specific images.  Images that make you say, "This is a real place we can stay.  This is where we can eat.  This is what we're going to do and see."  These images will inspire you and excite you to go after your dreams that much more.

Tip #3 - Your dreams need to be attainable, regardless of your circumstances.

There are two types of dreams - external (vacations, houses, etc.) and internal (love, joy, happiness).  You need to make sure that whichever dreams you create for yourself, whether they are internal or external, are dreams you can achieve them no matter what.

For example, maybe you are a single mom, (like myself), and as you begin to create your dream board you see pictures of a happy husband, wife, and kids, and you start thinking, "that's what I want!" and go to print off the pictures. 

But here's the truth, the significant other, part of your dream is not a guarantee.  However, what that significant other would bring into your life?  That is guaranteed.  Because when you see those images you're feeling something so deeply.  You long for the security, love, excitement, joy, etc. you believe that dream will give you.  And those longings?  You have full control to create those feelings for yourself. 

It doesn't require your circumstances to change to make those dreams reality.  As you're creating your dreams, they need to be attainable no matter what.  When you reach your goals and dreams it will be regardless of your external circumstances.  

Creating your dream board - (7:19)

You can create a Pinterest board or you can print pictures off of Google and glue them onto a poster board.  For the dreams that are a reward for hitting your goals (like NYC is for me), write them on your board and let them motivate you to take action.

Bonus: Share your dream boards with me, I would love to see them!  Post them on social media and make sure to tag me @ClarissaMance.  I want to cheer you on and follow your dreams as they start to become reality.