Day 3 - overcoming differences


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I can't believe we are halfway through this series!  I hope so far you've received a ton of value as you've begun to reconnect with who you are, what you love, and have created some beautiful and attainable dreams.

Overcoming the differences - (0:20)

On day 3, we're are going to dive into what I call, overcoming the differences.  In any relationship we're in, we'll inevitably face some bumps in the road and hit some resistance.  It's what we often call the "make it or break it" time, and the relationship with yourself is no different.

We have an internal dialogue that runs through our mind 24/7, and most of the time we aren't even aware of what we are saying and believing. 

To be honest, this lesson may be the hardest but it can also be the biggest game changer on your journey.

curiosity not guilt - (1:03)

As we begin to peel back the layers to the truth of what you are thinking, saying, believing and living every day, I want to say one thing - there is no guilt here.  

It's not until you actually know where you're starting before you can move forward.  This is a time to be curious.  Let curiosity guide you in this process, not guilt.

Big questions - (1:29)

I'm going to ask you some big questions.  I don't want you to feel like you have to have the answers right now, but as you work through this lesson you can come back and answer them as you really start to notice what's going on in your mind.

What are the lies you are saying to yourself every day?  What are the false beliefs that you are believing to be true?  What are the shoulds and expectations that others have imposed on your life? What are some areas you've said yes when maybe you should've said no?

No one will ever need to see these answers, so don't feel like you need to hold back.  Remember, there is no guilt! 

We are getting curious about where we have been running into roadblocks as we reach for our dreams.

24 hour thought tracker - (2:29)

I want you to spend the next 24 hours tracking your thoughts.  Whether they are good or back, I want you to get really curious and make a list of them all.

Bring the list to tomorrows lesson where I will give you some tools to empower you to start to change the way you are speaking to yourself and change the way you are feeling throughout your days.