Day 4 - get intimate


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I am so glad you are still with me!  I know yesterday was probably a difficult step but let's be honest, it's never easy to overcome our differences in any relationship and the one with ourselves is no different.


In this step, we are going to start getting intimate with those thoughts that you tracked yesterday.

Now that you've faced the roadblocks and understand your internal world and how it's been holding you back from achieving your dreams.  It's time to work through them and enter into a whole new level of intimacy with yourself and your thoughts.

We are going to take the lies, expectations, and shoulds and turn them into truths you can start to live by and you can start to rewrite your internal dialogue to support the woman you desire to be.

LIES VS. TRUTHS - (1:03)

Before we begin, make sure you have your list from yesterday, then grab a pen and a blank piece of paper.  

On the top of the paper from yesterday I want you to write "LIES", and on top of your new piece of paper I want you to write "TRUTHS".

Next, read through each negative thought you wrote yesterday and on your blank piece of paper, I want you to write the truth.


Maybe you've tried to do affirmations before and you say things such as "Money comes easily to me" or "I am beautiful, thin and graceful" but then you roll your eyes and think " I'm not, and no it doesn't.  This is a bunch of crap."

We don't want to do that in this step!  The truth is, those kinds of affirmations do not work and will never become reality when they are so far removed from your current reality.

YOUR TRUTHS - (2:14)

What we're going to do is write truths down that you can connect on an emotional level.  Because unless you connect on an emotional level, there will be no energy put behind it and then they are just words being said.  

We are going to be women of purpose and intent.  We are intentionally creating a life we love, so we are going to be intentional about the words we choose to speak

I'm going to give you a couple of examples to help you think through this process.   But I want you to remember something, these need to be your truths.  There are no right or wrong answers here.


Lie - Oh my gosh, I'm so terrible at money!
Truth - I have struggled with money in the past, but now I learning how to care for my finances better

Maybe you've caught yourself making choices based other's expectations they've imposed on your life and you think something like...

Lie - If I don't chaperone my daughter's ballet recital I am a bad mom.
Truth - I love my daughter so much and I am so proud of her!  While she is preparing for her ballet recital, I'm going to sneak away for a cup of coffee and refill my spirit so when her recital is over I can pour abundantly into her.

Let these truths be your affirmations.  Read them every day.  Speak them out loud every day. 

And then one day, in the near future, you're going to wake up and realize these thoughts, feelings, words, and expectations you've established for your life are the new normal. 

And better yet, you'll begin to see how when your internal world changes, your external world starts to change as well, and you're one step closer to intentionally creating a life you love.