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hello and welcome! (0:01)

I am so excited you are here and I'm truly honored to be welcomed into your inbox and to walk with you on this journey back to you - reconnecting with the woman you are outside of motherhood.

Intro - Who i am and my story (0:17)

If you are new here, let me introduce myself and share a bit of my story.  I'm Clarissa Mance, a life coach for overwhelmed moms who are longing to reconnect with who they are outside of motherhood and create an intentional life they love.

However, this wasn't always my story.  Several years ago after the birth of my second born, I had completely lost my identity in motherhood.  I wasn't sure who I was anymore.  Everything I did, said, watched filtered through what I call my, "mom filter" - "What would my kids think?" "What would my kids say?" "Would I say that if my kids were around?"

I had completely lost everything that made me uniquely me and I tried to fit into this mold I had somehow created of what I should be as a mom, and who I should be around my kids. 

But because it wasn't authentically me, it started to breed a lot of resentment.  I not only resented my life, I started to resent my kids.  Here were these cute amazing little people, who I felt had taken away everything I loved about myself.

It was a long, hard, and oftentimes lonely journey as I began to reconnect with who I longed to be.  I spent a lot of time journaling and thinking about this woman I would be in another life.  I envisioned how amazing my life would be if only I was her and had her life.

Feeling at a loss I reached out to a life coach for some guidance.  When I shared my struggle she said, "And why can't you be her now?"  My first response was, because she's this amazing, beautiful woman living in the city, and I'm stuck in the suburbs with dried spit up on my shirt!

But her question stuck with me.  One day as I was journaling about this woman yet again, it hit me.  I could infuse the essence of that life into my life right now!  And that is the moment that really kick-started my transformation journey.

Years later I can honestly say - I love who I am.  I love my life. I spend more time thriving in motherhood than despising it.  I'm truly creating a life I love.

But my favorite part of the journey is that I'm still on it and it's never going to end.  The beauty of life is that it ebbs and flows, we change and then we get to where we long to go and get to do it all over again.  

Today I invite you to join me on this life-changing journey.

The two things I need from you - (3:20)

Over the next 5 days we will be going over the same process I went through and that I've taken my clients on, and the results they have received and what I've seen in my own life have been amazing.  

It's a simple process but I do ask two things from you - 

  1. Show up.  Show up for the commitment you've made to yourself.  Show up and take action or nothing will ever change.

  2. Be honest with yourself.  As you work through some of the lessons, it requires being honest with where you're at in life.  

If you commit to those two steps, I promise you will see results. 

Here is what you can expect over the next 5 days - (4:28)

Each morning you will receive an email with a video lesson.  Each lesson will dive into one step of the journey.  I'll share with you what the lesson is, why it's important, and how you can apply it to your life right now.

My hope for you is at the end of the 5 days, you will feel reconnected with the woman you are outside of motherhood, you'll have created beautiful and attainable dreams, and you'll start to uncover the roadblocks that have been holding you back and gain tools to work through them and find freedom on the other side.

Come say hello! - (5:08)

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See you tomorrow!