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This summer I decided I needed help. I felt stuck, and the hundreds of self-help books I had bought over a decade just hadn't done the trick. I decided to try a completely new approach and get a life coach. And honestly, even though I'm a skeptic I was excited. Why? Because I couldn't half-ass my self-improvement anymore and would now be held accountable.
Sure, there were books and podcasts that could inspire me for a week or two, but then I'd fall back into the same ol' same ol' and be right back where I started. My biggest and most troubling personal issue? I felt like I had no direction. I was smart, I was pretty, I was capable... yet I doubted all of those things as soon as I believed them and I never seemed to follow through.
Clarissa changed ALL of that. My biggest take away from having Clarissa as my life coach? RESULTS. Actual PROOF that SHE works. What has changed since having her as my life coach?
Hmmm, let's see: I enrolled in Esthetics school (huge deal) where I am absolutely thriving. I essentially found purpose and passion through working with her. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, which were different than I thought (I thought I knew everything about myself and she was able to bring about new perspectives about myself that I would've never seen without her- that completely rocked my world). I learned how to rest and relax properly and how to properly execute self-care for maximum self-healing results.
And like I said, I saw a DIFFERENCE in my life. My parents noticed it. My husband noticed it. My friends noticed it. Even I noticed it. I finally feel like I am the girl I've always wanted to be and so much of that is owed to Clarissa.
If you feel lost or stuck and are looking to rediscover who you are (or simply feel more fabulous than you already are), I cannot stress how life-changing a course with Clarissa will be. She is not only kind, loving and supportive, but she is absolutely inspiring, helpful, and will totally and completely change your life for the better. Do not hesitate to contact her.
I'm telling you, best decision ever.